Hive Weight Monitor with Data Storage


This affordable electronic weight monitor is designed for hobbyists and backyard beekeepers.
Up to 99 days of weight history is stored so you don’t loose information if you can’t visit your hives everyday or every week.

• Aluminum construction with 1-year warranty against factory defects
• Works with 8-frame and 10-frame hives
• Records highest weight for the day
• Stores up to 99 previous days of weight history
• Data retrieval is done at the hive on a display via simple controls
• Low power consumption. Runs for up to a year on one 9-volt battery
• Does not lose data when changing the battery
• Electronics are housed in a water tight enclosure
• Operation from 0° F to 122° F (-18° C to 50°C)
• Hive weight readings up to 350 pounds

Note: These specifications are draft and believed to be accurate.

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